The School Day

To give you a flavour of what your child may experience at school, this is a typical school day…………..

Children arrive at school at something like 20 to 9, enjoying the ride in the taxi with friends, then they go into the cloakroom to deposit coats and bags. If it isn’t Monday with dinner money to hand in, children can either stay inside to chat or go out for a run around until called in for lessons to start at about 9 o’clock. We have assembly three days a week, which is generally a story with a moral and a hymn, but on Fridays we have a celebratory assembly when we talk about all the good things we have done this week. The vicar of the parish comes in to do assembly on Thursdays and to have lunch with us all.

In the morning both classes spend a short time on individual reading.  This is usually followed by literacy and numeracy for both infants and juniors. Some children will go with just a few others into the library for a concentrated group session, or stay in the classroom with a larger group.

Morning break is at around 10.30. Dinner time starts at 12.00.

At dinner time infants go to the hatch first to get their first course and choose where they sit. This gives them a chance to get through their food and get out for ‘seconds’ before some of the faster-eating juniors. They then take their plates to the hatch and put their knives and forks in the bowl before sitting down to wait for pudding. After that, children clear everything away and go outside to play.

Afternoon school starts at 1.00. The lessons which follow cover the rest of the subjects, perhaps PE, science or music, topic (including geography and history, art, music. R.E and technology). We work without an afternoon break until home time at 3.15. Children collect their things together and go out to get on the taxi, going home after, hopefully, another happy and successful day at Bewcastle school.

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