School sports funding 2014-2015

Schools are given funding specifically for sport and PE and we are required to report how this money is used.

A substantial part of the money is used to continue to fund Debbie Marper and her specialist dance teaching for all children in school. It also enables us to take part in the U-Dance festival, at which we gave a fantastic performance last year. 

Last summer, some of the money was spent on transport to sporting events such as the KS2 athletics tournament at William Howard. It also paid for the badges and certificates awarded to all the children as part of the national athletics award that they took under the direction of Michelle Thorpe. Michelle is the vice-chair of our governing body and is a lecturer in PE at the University of Cumbria. It is great to have someone with such expertise working with and for Bewcastle school.

We are very lucky to have our own pool and the funding enables us to maintain this facility, so children can swim every day in the summer term and staff can be trained effectively.


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